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  1. I installed your plug-in to my dashboard because I pre-approved for Google Adsense. I’m still waiting to get full approval to display ads on my site. Google is asking me to display Adsense preview ads–I guess its standard procedure for them! Anyway, when I attempt to do that I see the blank space dedicated for the ad size I chose, but no text, image, etc.

    Can you help me out!

  2. Dina Holland says:

    I am having problems with Adsense. I have installed Adsense extreme and have set it up, but the ads are not showing up visibly on my website, only showing a blank space where they should be? can you help me please?
    many thanks

  3. Dina Holland says:

    Hello Mario
    I have done this, but no change I am afraid

    do you have any other reasons for this problem or solutions?

    Many thanks


  4. Robert says:

    Hi Mario,

    A quick question: how do i stop adsense extreme from displaying on one particular page on my site?



  5. Eclipses says:

    Ciao a tutti, ho riscontrato e risolto un bug. Avevo installato e configurato bene il plugin ma dopo ancuni giorni continuavo a vedere lo spazio per gli ad con solo il colore di sfondo. Guardando il sorgente della pagina ho notato che alla fine del mio Adsense Publisher ID c’erano degli spazi vuoti, li ho rimossi e subito sonoapparse le pubblicità.
    Con funzioni di tipo Trim è possibile non considerare eventuali spazi vuoti inseriti per errore. Spero utile.

  6. Richie says:

    Ads are not coming up and I can’t figure out why.

  7. Munney says:

    Hi, If I set this plugin to show on pages with multiple posts (like homepage) it does but it will not display them on single posts! I’ve tried this on the default theme and it’s the same. Any ideas?

  8. Ryan says:

    I just wanted to say “great plugin”. Made adding ads so easy.

    I was searching for a way to prevent ads onspecific pages and was though I’d have to try another plugin and found the post above to use a “noad” comment. Brilliant. Thanks for a great plugin.

  9. Richard says:

    I’m trying to remove an ad from above the header on my current posts page. I’ve looked at the code and it states that it was inserted by Adsense Extreme. However, even I deactivate Adsense Extreme, the ad is still there.

    If I reactiviate Adsense Extreme, I tried to modify the ad that I think it was (by resizing, etc.). It does not modify the ad. It is like the ad was inserted, but can’t be extracted by the plugin.

    When I go to advnced and tell it not to place any ads anywhere, it is still there.

    I’m not quite sure where the code is currently held, If I knew, I could remove it.

    Any suggestions?

  10. Richard says:

    I did several things including deleting and reinstalling. Still there. Then I figured it was a SuperCache problem. Forced a new cashe. Problem fixed.


  11. Pedro says:

    Ola, seu plugin é muito bom. Obrigado por ter feito ele.
    Mas o Adsense não aparece em um post especifico, por que?
    O post é:

    Hello, your plugin is very good. Thank you for doing it.
    But Adsense does not appear in a specific post, why?
    The post is:

    Como faço para o Adsense aparecer nele?

    How do I get Adsense appear in it?

    • Adsense Extreme contiene un algoritmo per rilevare automaticamente le pagine che violano le policy di Google.
      Infatti la tua pagina sta violando il regolamento.

      Adsense Extreme contains an algorithm to automatically detect pages that violate Google policies.
      In fact, your page is violating the rules.

      • Bom dia,

        Sobre as Regras do Google, eu sei que todo o meu site viola as regras, por disponibilizar conteudo ilegal para download, mas quero mesmo assim exibir o Adsense, pode mudar o codigo do Adsense Extreme?

        Good morning,

        Rules on Google, I know that my entire site violates the rules, for illegal content available for download, but I still view Adsense, you can change the Adsense code Extreme?

      • Pedro says:

        Hello, there is a way to remove the algorithm to enable on every page?

        • Quando Google scoprirà che il tuo sito viola le sue norme, ti bannerà per sempre. Ho aggiunto la protezione per aiutare le persone a non essere bannate.

          Teoricamente bisognerebbe modificare il proprio sito per adeguarsi alle regole di Google.

          Comunque, c’è un modo per disabilitare la protezione. Basta deselezonare la checkbox “Hide banner ads on pages that could violate Google policy.”

          When Google will find that your site violates its regulations, will ban you forever. I have added protection to help people not to be banned.

          Ideally you should change your site to adapt to the rules of Google.

          However, there is a way to disable the protection. Just uncheck the checkbox “Hide banner ads on pages That Could violated Google policy.”

          • Pedro says:

            Ola, obrigado pela resposta. Mesmo sabendo que posso ser banido do Adsense, preciso colocar os anuncios no meu site.

            Eu não encontrei a caixa para desmarcar a opção. Onde esta?

            Obrigado por sua atenção e seu excelente plugin

            Thanks for the reply. Even though I may be banned from Adsense, I need to put ads on my site.

            I have not found the box to uncheck. Where is?

            Thank you for your attention and your excellent plugin

          • 1) check Usuario con Experiencia.
            2) uncheck Ocultar los anuncios de banner en las páginas que puedan vulnerar la política de Google.
            under Dónde mostrar Ads section

  12. Rob says:


    I was able to see the ads initially, but now there are just blank spaces. I have tried to modify the sizes of the ads and I empty the cache each time I try to view. Any suggestions?? I love the app, but can’t seem to quite get it to work for me.

    Thank you:)

  13. Charles says:

    I have put my Adsense id in your script
    but its not showing active by Google Adsense
    when I log in? Please advise.

  14. elisa says:


    ho dei problemi a configurare il widget di adsense, non me lo visualizza.. forse perché non è la tipologia giusta? quale numero devo selezionare per farlo comparire nella barra laterale?

    grazie mille,


  15. jeff j says:

    I have numbers to track my ads as a custom channel, but the channel does not show up in my adsense account. I can find no place where I can track the adsense extreme ads—

  16. antonio says:

    ciao Mario quando vado ad aggiornare le opzioni mi appare questo messaggio:
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 491520 bytes) in /web/htdocs/ on line 513
    ho provato a disinstallare ma niente

  17. ajinkya says:

    hi i am ajinkya and www ajsempire com is my website.By this plugin i get ads for website for some days after that they will disappear.Why it is happens.Please Tell me.
    Is there any way to earn income by this plugin or others
    Thank you

    • For the publication of the banner, you are using 2 plugins simultaneously. You must only use one at a time.

      Your site is extremely slow. Perhaps it is for this reason that google can not bring up the banner.

  18. GM says:


    I updatet to 1.0.9 and get this error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ‘)’ in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/adsense-extreme/adsensextremeopt.php on line 87

  19. I have both web pages set the same. Ads show up on but not the other one.Can I have adsense ads on both websites in wordpress? Can’t figure out the problem.

  20. I can’t believe how fast your response is. Thank You

  21. Christoph says:

    Thank you for this great plugin!
    I would like to request another feature: The possibility to exclude particular posts from displaying ads (not even in the sidebar). The problem is that some posts may contain words that Google considers violations of their policy. So it would be good to turn off all ads for that particular post. Google doesn’t seem to care whether the ads are in the main body of the post or in the sidebars, therefore it would be good if also the widgets could be turned off for particular posts. Currently I have to turn off all ad widgets if I have only one post that contains “bad” words.

  22. Oleg says:

    Hi Mario!
    Does the plugin support html5 themes?
    I was using a regular theme and everything worked perfectly.
    Then I switched to the theme called SemPress and ads are not shown on single posts anymore. On the main page however they are displayed but instead of 1st ad just above 1st post excerpt it’s displayed above everything (incl. site title) so I had to choose it to be shown with the 2nd post.

    So, the question is: is it html5 not being supported or just that particular theme?

  23. Rahul says:

    This is a great plugin. Thanks for it.
    I just have one doubt that will the ad-units created by this plugin be available in adsense reports e.g. performance reports by Ad Units or performance reports by Month, so that I can see which ad units are performing better than others.


    • Hi Rahul.
      AdSense Extreme support the Adsense Channel for see which ad units are performing better than others.
      Set Experienced User and insert channel into any Ad Type section

  24. Rick Omann says:

    Our Webmaster removed removed the AdSense plugin because of the following error:

    Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in /home/fantasyr/public_html/rogerssports/wp-content/plugins/adsense-extreme2/adsensextremeopt.php on line 437

  25. Mark says:

    Hi Mario,
    I am having problem with the AdSense Extreme Widgets, they seem to display only Wide Skyscraper mode on my sidebar. How can I adjust this to small or medium rectangle?

    • Go into Settings -> AdSense Extreme
      choose an Ad Type, for example into “Ad Type 4” set
      description -> sidebar
      size -> small rectangle (for example 120×240)

      Then go into Appearance -> Widgets
      into AdSense Extreme Widget, set the number of your Ad Type
      (into this example 4, because we configured “Ad Type 4”)
      and click Save

  26. John says:


    How can i disable my adsense in static pages?


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