Google Adsense ID: Where do I get it?

  1. Log into your Google AdSense account
  2. Click on “Account Settings
  3. copy the AdSense for Content code, without PUB- (numers only).

That’s all you need.

11 Responses to Google Adsense ID: Where do I get it?

  1. james says:

    Ads appear in category page (parameters defined by bottom options on plugin) BUT DO NOT appear in the static items/ posts.. as defined by the parameters in the top part of the plugin settings. Please help!

  2. mamatha says:

    Ads does not appear in my site yet even though i have a id in google adsense. how can i implement/ promote ads in site

  3. You have insert a wrong code (MGNW6WGJ)
    you must insert 16 digit

  4. Christoph says:

    Is there any information about the automatic prevention of violating the Google ad policy? What aspects of the policy are considered – violent content, copyright infringement, inviting clicks, …?

  5. Carlo says:

    Very good plugin , i use this after 3 or 4, congratulations!!

  6. Colleen says:

    Could you please clarify if I need to paste the Adsense code into my site in addition to activating this plugin? Or, does the plugin take care of everything once I have activated my settings?

  7. Sky says:

    Il mio codice non inizia solo con PUB, ma con CA-PUB.
    Nel campo devo inserire solo i numeri, leggo, quindi

    Il CA-PUB è come PUB? Non è che poi non viene riconosciuto?

    Grazie per il plugin, mi sembra ben fatto, anche se devo ancora smanettarci…

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